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Zhangzhou peaceful east lake agricultural products co., LTD
Unified national customer service:400-886-5456
Address:Zhangzhou city, fujian province and county town heart village sitting boy Zip code:363705
The phone:0086-596-5353456 Fax:0086-596-5368001
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The company has peaceful county planting area65Ten thousand acres、Annual output120Ten thousand tons
Set to grow、Acquisition、Processing、 Warehousing、Logistics、Wholesale、Exports as a whole
      Agricultural products co., LTD., established in zhangzhou and east lake2009Years,The registered capital3389Ten thousand yuan.The company has peaceful county planting area65Ten thousand acres、Annual output120Ten thousand tons of scale advantages,Procurement of origin cui creek nearby honey take geographical advantages,Using Chinese well-known trademark"Calm pomelo"The geographical mark Brand advantage。Company plant area、The first production in fujian province and because industry,Has been rated as agricultural industrialization key leading enterprise in fujian province'Fujian province famous trademark' The geographic marks leading enterprises in fujian province、Peaceful county marketing major、Large taxpayer、Credit enterprise,And for good Agricultural standard certification'Organic product certification and other certification。
      The company covers an area of80m^Total building area53288Square meters,Facilities include has been put into use1 Trading building,3Logistics warehousing distribution center(Facing the domestic wholesale and because respectively、Domestic essence Sweet pomelos、And because exports to the eu standards),1A constant temperature air fresh,1Detect pesticide residue testing And building1A complex building。With sweet pomelos processing zone、Times interest platform、Logistics hub, etc,Do STH for sb Logo trademark licensing,Plant inspection and quarantine、Customs clearance,To contact the transport And distribution;Provide purchasing because"一站式"Universal service,Including plant quarantine、Pesticide residues Measurement、The tax、Settlement、Swap、Transfer, etc。
      The company started "The base+Enterprise+The market"The operating mode,Set to grow、Acquisition、Processing、 Warehousing、Logistics、Wholesale、Exports as a whole,Integration and Chen creek because industrial chain,Drive the peace County farmers to common development。The company implements the traditional wholesale channels、Modern business channels、Export channels And in all the channels of emerging channels such as electricity,As the country200Several large supermarket cooperation group Company,Exports to the eu、Russia、In the Middle East, etc40To many countries and regions。
      In the future,East lake will be"Committed to the peaceful pomelo and variety of origin protection,Be quiet Pomelo brand spokesperson"As the mission,Because industrial chain integration and peaceful county,To create a well-known honey Pomelo brand,Promote peaceful county honey pump industry's sustainable development,Companies strive to become a world-class fruit Industry。

Large-scale planting base of calm pomelo

Investment management company2Wan mu pollution-free cultivation demonstration base of agricultural products,With its own base6000Yu m。East lake cooperate with local growers,Promote the standardized production base,Drive the peaceful county farmers to send together Exhibition,Do big、Because industry and stronger peaceful county。

The calm pomelo of personalized management base

The base has twenty years old、High-quality fruit trees such as 30 years old。Aimed at different age、Area of fruit trees,Establish different planting standards,Personalized management;Different levels of honey,With different brand Sales,Meet consumer demand at all levels!

Meet eu standard of calm pomelo base

Base always adhere to the original ecological culture idea,At present have been granted"Good agriculture, medicine for specificationGAP"To recognize Certificate、Organic product certification,Product quality first reached the standard of exports to the eu。

And the products

Brands and channels

HBSweet pomelos (HB pomelo)

Three red sweet pomelos (Three red pomelo)

The golden sweet pomelos (Glod pomelo)

Because red (Red cotton pomelo)

Red meat because (Red meat pomelo)

White meat sweet pomelos (White meat pomelo)